Monday, February 9, 2009

The Red Party


Paul Vincent Studios would like to thank all of those who came out to support our first group show "Red". Paul, Tara, and myself worked our butts off and you all made it sooo worth it..

Please follow the link below to obtain your valentines portraits...

Please stay tuned as we review the day and share more memories...

Between the 18 artists displayed on the walls, the turn out of over 150 guests, and the amazing music of Double Breasted, we at PVS were left speechless and exhausted at the end of the night.
The crowd starting filtering in at 3pm and just kept coming. Tara and I hosted the event, while Paul was behind the bar. People came from NY, NJ and Washington DC just to share in the event. We are learning that the one day show and the new space are something people can really get into.
With talks of the next event to happen in April or May we would love to hear some feedback from anyone who attended to event, any suggestions people have to help us improve our event, or even better, let us know what you really loved..

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