Tuesday, December 16, 2008

PVS hosts the VKPICTURES team...


Saturday December 13,2008 hosted in house photographer Virginia Kamenitzer and her band of fools. Tara Thurber Producing/Art Directing/Styling, Frank Krumrie First Assistant, D-Nasty behind the scenes pics, Steph P Make Up and ass kicking awesomeness, Ashley Mari, Ardith , and Megan, our models and Virginia Kamenitzer were all members of a vkpictures production this past Saturday. Bare in mind the cold winds were fast and hard, bu this did not stop the fabulous Ardith from climbing to the roof.
Graced with the lovely new face and energy of Ashley Mari, we created wonderful new images with the collaboration of Tara Thurber and Steph P(make up artist). Ashley responded to a Model Mayhem ad that was posted at 10:00pm before the day of the shoot as did Steph. She said she would come and she did. Sometimes when we trust websites and communicate over the internet, there will be times people do not show. Don't take it personally, people just suck. SO Ashley showed up and we jumped right into some fun ideas... Steph was the first one to start throwing ideas out and withing 45 minutes of having our first model there, I realized I had found a true artist.
Tara Thurber, our in house madwoman, is known in Hudson County for promoting artists as well as curating in Jersey City based locations. She has introduced us to artists we feel blessed to hang, as well as commits herself to making every show the next best thing. We are lucky to have added her to our team this year to coordinate our special events/pr/marketing. Tara brought the wonderful artwork and personality of Megan to my life. Tara hopped into her car to grab Megan for 15 mintues before her shift at LITM... some images include:

Thank you to everyone.. stay tuned for behind the scenes pics...

Monday, December 15, 2008



With an art show curated by local curator/artist Tara Thurber, a renovated and redesigned photo studio by Paul Vincent and friends, and drinks poured by one of the resident photographers, Virginia K., the grand opening of the studio was nothing short of a success. The new photo rental studio was filled from 2pm-8pm by local Hudson county artists, musicians, and friends.

There was an immediate buzz around the room how this new space could very easily become the new hot spot for artists to meet up. The photo rental studio has various purposes, but above all the photo studio is just that. a studio. For an inexpensive day rate, this studio offers all the comforts of a Manhattan space, with the NYC commute. NJ residents can now create work in a professional space at a fraction of the cost.

Thursday, December 11, 2008


December 5
th JCFridays was another successful evening within the growing Jersey City, NJ artist community. Virginia and Tara, a team duo filled with adventure and life took the town on from one end of the city to another, taking part in celebrations of visuals artists, film/video, performance and music that went on well into the night. Many magnificent places around town have been adding more and more to the list of events and it has been hard to navigate to all of them. But from what was seen and heard...it was a very successful night! We made it the three that night and in the future will make it to more if our prescence is desired…of which…seriously…it should be!!!!

LITM's display of "Little Wonders" was once again a huge success. Andrea Moren, the Art Curator says, "Not only is it a blast to bring together so many talented and diverse artists in one show, it is amazing to see the community turn out to support them. The artwork has been practically flying off the walls, so I think quite a few people out there will be getting one of a kind stocking stuffers. I can't wait to do it again next year!" This show was by far a great adventure for the eye with the many unique artists that were a part of it!

From there this lil team decided to travel…

Balance Salon and World of Style Vintage successfully brought "Something Fishy" to a festive winter wonderland deep beneath the depths of the sea with the illustrative painter Megan Gulick showing an immence collection of fish; all shape and sizes and with fantastic attititudes.

The ambiance of being under water was enhanced by light sculpture artist Norm Francouer and well...as glitter filled the streets, bubbles popped with laughter and good friends and strangers!


BUT....as the gluc began to run low, many scatterd into the streets and onto another adventure. The team at it's best with the random stragglers, packed into a car to ride a few COLD and CHILLY blocks down the street to Piersanti Studios.

Piersanti Studios presented "Sideshow" with his 36 painting tribute to Coney Island. Fire eater Angelica and Snake charmer Serpentina performed and mingled with guests, including local rockabilly band Lonesome Prairie Dogs, gallery guru Orlando Reyes, Big Stick band, and silk screened shirts were printed by Anthony Blunda. Hosted by designer Jill Armus and Linda Kerly, we entertained over 150 guests through the evening. Art sales were brisk, and a wild night was enjoyed by all. Including it's architectural specialties, eccentric art-onlookers and of course the warmth of a home, you can't ever leave without...ummmm "being a hot mess...and yes there are possibilities of losing your car!!!"


All in all this weekend has been filled with magnificent artwork, people, and success...


Paul Vincent Studios presents…

"RED" (disambiguation)

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Getting ready for the party

With a couple of days until the big opening party, we are running around..
PLease visit the studio website: HERE

This weekend is a great weekend to be in Hudson County. With JCFridays coming up this Friday, Tara and I will be out and about with invites... places we suggest to hit up:

Visual ArtsPerformance 7pm-9pm BALANCE SALON FOR HAIR and WORLD OF STYLE VINTAGE “Winter Wonderland,” a festive holiday fashion celebration of frigid temperatures and darkness. Also, illustrative painter Megan Gulick floods the walls with her playful, peculiar underwater pals! Curated by Tara Thurber. AND as always, light sculptures by resident artist Norm Francoeur! 18 Erie St, 201-324-2992. Map

Visual ArtsPerformance 7pm-10pm PIERSANTI STUDIOS PIERSANTI STUDIOSpresents “SIDESHOW,” a tribute to the spirit of Coney Island, featuring the pop art of Robert Piersanti. Located at the historic Wells Fargo building off Hamilton Park. Permanent home for the Piersanti pop art factory. Special appearances by our friends from the Coney Island Side Show. 299 Pavonia Ave, #3-9, 201-963-8079. Map

Visual Arts 7pm-8:30pm ART HOUSE PRODUCTIONS and COSI CAFÉ AND RESTAURANT ART HOUSE PRODUCTIONS present a wine and cheese Opening Reception for “American Girl: Portraits of Women,” works by artist Rachael Serbinski. This exhibit features a series of portraits of Serbinski and her peers, young women who are questioning their adulthood. Curated by Emily Helck. 545 Washington Blvd, 201-963-0533. Barrier-free. Map

Visual Arts 7pm-9pm 32 JONES GALLERY 32 JONES GALLERY presents “Pocket-Size,” a small works show by various artists. Any work sold can be taken off the wall and home for the holidays! 32 Jones St, 215-908-5973. Barrier-free. Map

Visual Arts 5pm-2am LITM "Little Wonders,” LITM's second annual group show of small works. Each piece is a unique treasure. All works will be sold right off the walls, so you can take them home as soon as you buy them. 140 Newark Ave, 201-536-5557. Barrier-free. Map

Let us know if you're coming to the area... we'd love to see your smiling faces...

Don't forget to stop on by to our opening Sunday- photography displays by Paul Vincent, Virginia Kamenitzer, Ab Sesay, and Frank Krumrie..music and refreshments... come on by...